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Breastfeeding rates

Breastfeeding in Tasmania

Around nine out of ten babies in Tasmania begin life breastfeeding.

This falls to 75% of mothers breastfeeding by the time they leave hospital.

At 4 months about 56% of Tasmanian babies are still breastfeeding.

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From birth

Around nine out of ten babies in Tasmania begin their life breastfeeding1.

74.5% of Tasmanian women were breastfeeding when discharged from hospital in 20132.

Continuing breastfeeding

Around 56% of Tasmanian babies are still breastfeeding at 4 months3.

Only 40% of Tasmanian babies are exclusively breastfed (fed only breast milk) at 4 months3.

Notes – Attendance at Child Health Assessments are voluntary. Around 70% of babies attend a four-month Child Health Assessment. Data from Australian National Surveys cannot be directly compared to Tasmanian data as collection methods are inconsistent and response rates differ.

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