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Local author’s inspired children’s book

Tasmanian author Luana Towney celebrates the release of her first book, Lola's New Cousin, a children's story about breastfeeding.

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Breastfeeding rates in Tasmania


About 90% of Tasmanian babies start breastfeeding.


of Tasmanian babies were breastfeeding when discharged from hospital.


of Tasmanian babies are still breastfeeding at 4 months.

Are you a mother needing help?

Click here to visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association website for information and support.

Supporting breastfeeding

Women need support to keep breastfeeding after they leave hospital. Community facilities like shopping centres and local businesses, workplaces and childcare services can all play a role in supporting women to breastfeeding.

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100% of Tasmanian hospitals are Baby-Friendly accredited - the first State or Territory in Australia to achieve this

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Mothers who live in the most disadvantaged communities are half as likely to exclusively breastfeeding compared to mothers in the least disadvantaged communities.

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26-26 Feb

Breastfeeding: Life and Science

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Protection and the law

Breastfeeding is protected through anti-discrimination legislation, regulation of infant formula marketing and the WHO Code. Mothers have the right to feed their baby in any public space. They are protected by law. The WHO Code and regulation of infant formula marketing in Australia help to protect breastfeeding from commercial interests.

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2 billion

The amount of potential health dollars that could be saved if 90% of babies were exclusivley breastfeed through to 6 months.

About us

Breastfeeding Coalition Tasmania brings together many groups interested in creating a more supportive environment for breastfeeding women. We do this by advocating for better facilities, support and protection for breastfeeding.

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Coalition members

Here's a selection of our members.

  • Australian Medical Association, Tasmania
  • Australian Society of Independent Midwives
  • Child Health Association Tasmania
  • Diabetes Tasmania
  • Glenorchy City Council
  • Good Beginnings Australia, Tasmania
  • University of Tasmania
  • North West Private Hospital
  • Pharmaceutical Society Australia, Tasmanian Branch
  • Physical Activity and Community Nutrition Unit, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre
  • Women’s Health, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Baby Friendly Tasmania Reference Group
  • Lactation Consultants, Maternity Unit, Royal Hobart Hospital